Different Kinds Of Rides Available At WildWaters

The Vacation Kingdom of Hyderabad WildWaters Water & Amusement Theme Park spans 30 acres of tropical terrain. It includes a sizable water and amusement park with a record-breaking 50 wet and dry rides. Since the park provides the best water rides, dry thrill rides, amusement attractions, and entertainment alternatives for families, friends, schools, universities, and corporate retreats; fun, excitement, and laughter are never far away at WildWaters. The Land rides in Hyderabad and Water rides in Hyderabad are magnificent, and families can enjoy the fullest. Our food courts offer the best regional and global cuisines that will excite your taste buds.

Water Rides

Get in on the action, grab a tube, feel the excitement, and get your heart racing as you slip and slide through the rushing water on one of the 21 different Wet rides available. Paradise Beach offers the chance to experience the power of the waves. You can also race down slides with lots of twists and turns or take a moment to unwind in the Crazy River, which is set in a tropical jungle. Experience the best water and amusement park in Hyderabad for your thrills, spills, and rejuvenating relaxation.

Family Rides

11 distinct Water rides are available:

● Paradise Beach

● Rain Disco

● Pirates Cove

● Aqua Play

● Crazy River

● Wave Rider

● Free Fall

● Matt Racer

● Tornado

● Voyage

● Rapids

Thrill Rides

Seven distinct Thrill rides are available:

● Loop Racer

● Twister

● Hurricane

● Cyclone

● Backlash

● Loop Coaster

● Tunnel

● Harakiri

● Boomerang

Land Rides

You will be immediately transported into a thrilling world of action, adventure, drama, and the height of amazing the moment you pull into Wild Waters Amusement Zone, which has 29 attractions to offer. From Sky Drop, Pendulum, Mixer, Tsunami, 360, Mixer, Zip Line, Gyro to Swinger, Giant Wheel, and from Carousels to Spiral coasters, Kids rides, and many more, Wild Waters offers the greatest in action. The Park was thoughtfully created to enliven and excite your wild side.

Family Rides

12 distinct Family rides are available:

● Carousel

● Aero Fighter

● Coffee Cups

● Ocean Train

● Kangaroo Jump

● Worm Coaster

● Pirate Ship

● Octopus

● Swinger

● Wave Surfer

● Spiral Jet

● Tagada Disco

Kids Rides

9 Distinct kids’ rides are available:

● Jumbo Train

● Flying Bees

● Apache Ride

● Mini Pirate Ship

● Mini Disco

● Ocean Walk

● Ferris Wheel

● Flying Car

● Frog Hopper

Thrill Rides

Seven distinct Thrill rides are available:

● Pendulum

● Zip Line

● Gyro Ride

● Mixer

● Tsunami

● 360

● Sky Drop


Located only a short, stunning drive from the city, Wild Waters offers a distinctive and modern approach to fun and enjoyment. By providing the top rides for various age groups, we are honing the art of family-friendly entertainment! The Land rides in Hyderabad and Water rides in Hyderabad are excellent, allowing families to take full advantage and WildWaters Water & Amusement Theme Park is the ideal way to spend quality time with loved ones.



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Park Timings

Monday - Friday 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Saturday - Sunday/Public Holidays : 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Water Rides close by : 6:00 PM on all days

Child Height between 90 to 140 cm & Senior Citizen aged 60 and above.*
Note: After hours only Sat, Sun & Public Holidays