Park Timings

SUMMER FIESTA Upto 9th June, 2024
Monday - Sunday : 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
All Rides close by 6:00 PM

Child Height between 90 to 140 cm & Senior Citizen aged 60 and above.*

Note: After hours:
Monday to Sunday: 3:30PM

Tickets & Pricing


  • No Re-Entry.
  • Government Taxes: GST 18% [9% CGST + 9% SGST]
  • Total amount per ticket are rounded off to the nearest rupee.
  • Nylon Swimwear mandatory to utilize water rides.
  • For the safety of our guests, Height and Weight restrictions are applicable for certain rides
  • People under the influence of alcohol or illegal substance are not allowed into the park.
  • State and central government covid19 guidelines to be followed.
  • Senior Citizen : Photo ID with age proof is mandatory for Senior citizen tickets (applicable for guests 60 years and above)
  • College Student Offer : Original college ID needs to be displayed at the gate during check-in. Applicable only for the age group between 17-22 years & College students in the Academic Year of 2021-22.
  • Children : Child ticket is applicable for kids whose height is between 90 cms and 140 cms. Kids less than 90cm in height would get FREE entry & adult ticket rate is applied for guests above 140cm


Food Express

Food Express offers an appealing and mouth-watering range of food options to its visitors at its multi-cuisine Food Court.Not just this, it has got soft beverage counters all around to quench your thirst with a choice of drinks along with ice-cream and quick bites.

Island Cafe

Grab a quick bite while you are having fun at Water Park

Adventure Cafe

Add some bite sized deliciousness into the day you spend laughing, walking, running, jumping, and having fun and enjoying yourself. Pick a snack of your choice at our Adventure cafe located between our Amusement and Adventure park

Dress Code

To provide hygiene & safety dress code is enforced in water park

  • For your enjoyment, and in the interest of hygiene and safety, a dress code is enforced in the park.
  • Only Polyester or Nylon costumes are allowed in Water Rides.
  • Avoid loose ornaments and spectacles. Footwear not allowed in water rides. Loose footwear and dress not allowed in Adventure and Amusement rides.
  • Do not wear scarfs or shawls while enjoying a ride to ensure your safety and the safety of other visitors.
  • Swimming costumes are available for purchase at our park

Only polyster or nylon costumes are allowed in water park


Floor slippery when wet pool surface might be slippery do not run

Wild Waters is filled with fun rides and attractions, and following these simple tips can help you ensure that your visit is as safe & fun as it can be.

  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Light-colored clothes are best to help reflect the sun.
  • Wear UV protective sunglasses and sunscreen with SPF15 or higher.
  • Don’t wait too late to hydrate. Drink water before you get going and before you get thirsty.
  • If you are visiting with a child make sure he/she knows how to contact you if they get lost. Put a note in his/her pocket with phone numbers and names to contact.
  • Maintain discipline in ride queue area and don’t jump the cue. It will make sure that everyone enjoys the ride equally well.
  • Pools are shallow. Please do not dive into pools.
  • Please avoid pushing one another in the ride areas or inside the park in general. It’s dangerous for everyone.
  • Pregnant Women, heart patients, persons with high blood pressure and those prone to epilepsy are advised to avoid fast/adventurous rides.
  • Please follow safety instructions of lifeguards, ride operators and instructions displayed near the rides.

Park Terms & Conditions

  • We do not recommend Thrill rides to guests who are physically not fit, pregnant or suffering from neck or back pain, heart ailments, BP and vertigo etc.
  • Height, weight & safety criteria are to be strictly followed. Park staff have the right to refrain people from the activity if they do not fit the criteria.
  • Strictly follow the instructions of Park staff for your safety. The park will not be responsible for any mishaps due to non-adherence of any of the safety instructions.
  • Due to high wear and tear of the activities, weather and for reason whatsoever, the Park management shall not be held responsible for non-availability or down time of any of the rides.
  • Waiting time varies from 5 minutes to 45 minutes depending on the crowd. Please wait for your turn.
  • Nylon or Polyester Swim Wear is mandatory to utilize any water rides.
  • Children below height of 90 cm are allowed only at the Pirates Cove, Aqua Play, Wave pool and Rain disco. Children between 90 to 140 cm are not allowed in Thrill water rides. Adult supervision mandatory
  • Depth of the pool varies from 1.4 to 2.2 mtrs on the deep side while the waves are on. Those who cannot swim should use the shallow area. Diving into the pool is not permitted.
  • For Hygiene reasons, all persons are requested to take a shower before using the water rides.
  • Wash your feet before entering the pool.
  • Avoid loose ornaments and spectacles. Footwear not allowed in water rides.
  • Recommend People with long hair to wear a Swimming cap.
  • Exit the water slide immediately after the ride ends.
  • The Management reserves the right of admission to any person into the Park and to request any guest to leave the Park at any moment without prior notice and without assigning any reason whatsoever, and the guest shall be bound to leave when requested to do so.
  • These rules and regulations are subject to change any time without notice.
  • First Aid available at park entrance.
  • Smoking is allowed only in designated area near Cafe Adventure.
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Park Timings

Monday - Friday 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Saturday - Sunday/Public Holidays : 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Water Rides close by : 6:00 PM on all days

Child Height between 90 to 140 cm & Senior Citizen aged 60 and above.*
Note: After hours only Sat, Sun & Public Holidays

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