First Time at Wild Waters? Rides You Must Experience at This Theme Park Near Hyderabad!

30 acres of the tropical environment make up the Vacation Kingdom of Hyderabad, WildWaters Water & Amusement Theme Park. Large water and the amusement park has 50 record-breaking wet and dry rides.

Fun, excitement, and laughter are never far away at WildWaters since the park offers the best water rides, dry thrill rides, amusement activities, and funny alternatives for families, friends, institutions, universities, and corporate outings. Families can thoroughly enjoy Hyderabad's Land and Water rides, which are both beautiful.

Different Types of Rides

There are mainly 3 different types of thrill rides in Hyderabad available. These are respectively- Family rides, Kids’ rides, and Thrill rides. Each type of ride has both dry and water rides included. Here is a list of different rides available here.

A. Land Rides

When you walk into Wild Waters Entertainment Park, which consists of 29 land ride options to explore, you will instantly be thrust into a fascinating world of excitement, adventures, drama, and the height of the extraordinary.

1. Carousel

A family-friendly, all-ages ride called a carousel is also known as a merry-go-round. It spins horizontally on a rounded track, a historic amusement ride with royal decorations, galloping horses, and chariots. A family-friendly, all-ages ride called a carousel is also known as a merry-go-round.

2. Aero Fighter

Riders sit in plane-shaped cabins connected to the primary rocket by pneumatically operated arms in this family amusement ride. The cabin aircraft may be raised or lowered by pushing the console's buttons, providing a magnificent sense of flight.

3. Coffee Cups

Get inside one of the giants, elaborately adorned teacups arranged around a sizable teapot. A triple-spinning-action feast is in store for you! Around the enormous vintage decanter, the cups whirl in a circle.

4. Ocean Train

The five-compartment Ocean Train is a trackless, electrically powered train adorned with sea life. You can see the water, entertainment, and adventure parks while traveling around the park on this tiny train at a moderate speed.

5. Kangaroo Jump

The colorful Kangaroo Jump attraction simulates the motion of actual jumping kangaroos. When the ride runs, riders feel like they are hopping with the kangaroo, providing a fun and exciting experience.

6. Worm Coaster

The Worm Coaster is a family roller coaster with a worm-like form that travels quickly on a thrilling track with wild loops, tight turns, and exhilarating ascents and descents.

Other family rides include Pirate Ship, Octopus, Swinger, Wave Surfer, Spiral Jet, and Tagada Disco.

7. Flying Bees

The Rotary Bee, one of the thrill rides in Hyderabad, is a beautiful experience for kids that resembles a waved merry-go-round. The children ride in cabins designed like bees and move vertically upward and downward while rotating in a circle.

8. Apache Ride

The Apache Ride is an enjoyable rotary ride controlled by a console. All cockpits rotate, rise, and fall to provide a delightful experience.

9. Mini Disco

Mini Disco Tagada is a kid-friendly thrill coaster where passengers ride in a small, padded flying saucer that rotates rapidly, causing bumps, tilts, and jerks similar to those experienced on a speed boat in a choppy sea.

There are other kids’ rides, including Ocean Walk, Ferris Wheel, Flying Car, and Frog hopper.

10. Pendulum

The pendulum, which swings along a vertical arm hung 40 feet above the ground, is the ultimate thrill ride. This arm's base has a round gondola attached to it. The gondola seats its passengers facing the outside. The weightlessness of this ride gives the passengers the impression that they are traveling through space.

11. The Zip Line

This thrilling recreational activity involves a rope stretched between places of varying elevations. The rider is secured to a seat belt and pulled along a 700-foot line by gravitation from our 50-foot tower.

12. Gyro Ride

Go for a spin in the gyroscope if you ever feel stuck in your upright posture, helplessly planted in your rubber sandals from dawn to night, and fantasize that you can soar, spin, or somersault through thin air.

Other thrill rides include Mixer, Tsunami, 360, Sky Drop, etc.

B. Water Rides

1. Paradise Beach

Featuring a lengthy sandy beach area, a coconut grove, tropical vegetation, and an exciting environment to relish a refreshing beachside experience in Hyderabad, our 16000 square foot wave pool has various wave velocities.

2. Rain Disco

The rain disco is one of the water rides in Hyderabad, which is spread out across 3000 square feet of enclosed space and has fun music playing as synchronized showers are being sprayed.

3. Pirates Cove

Pirates Cove, one of the water rides in Hyderabad, is a full-service family amusement water park with six slides for adults and six for children, ranging in height from 21 feet to six feet and featuring various lengths and designs.

4. Aqua Play

This kiddie cove aqua play features three slides that kids can use to plunge into a kid-friendly pool, along with 5 engaging fountains and play structures.

There are other water rides like Crazy River, Wave Rider, Free Fall, Matt Racer, Tornado, Voyage, and Rapid.



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Park Timings

Monday - Friday 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Saturday - Sunday/Public Holidays : 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Water Rides close by : 6:00 PM on all days

Child Height between 90 to 140 cm & Senior Citizen aged 60 and above.*
Note: After hours only Sat, Sun & Public Holidays

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