How We’ve Celebrated Navaratri together at Hyderabad's largest Navaratri celebrations @Wild Waters

The Navratri festival is observed over nine nights in the autumn, and the focus of the celebration is the triumph of good over evil, while local customs and traditions affect how each region celebrates it. Though the Hindu goddess Durga is the focus of Navratri, several South Indian states also honour other Hindu goddesses, such as Saraswati who is the goddess of knowledge.

The Navratri celebrations at Wild Waters were absolutely beautiful and were observed with a lot of honour through spreading loads of smiles. There were plenty of exciting activities lined up for all the party peeps.

The event was enthusiastically observed throughout the nine days with thrilling rides & activities for the day and Garba & Dandiya Raas organised at night here at Wild Waters Amusement & Water Park.

The nights brought along a beautiful aura where people danced with the dandiya sticks to the beat of the music in Dandiya Raas. The Garba was a huge hit with all the dancers clapping their hands and moving in a circle. Take a look at the picture(s) above.

#NavratriFunratri at Wild Waters:

Here is a list of a few rides you can enjoy in one of the best theme parks in Hyderabad.

● Wild Waters Amusement & Water Park encompasses three different zones. Each zone has several rides for each age group. Our Navratri celebrations spread all across the park and were enjoyed by all the people present there.

● The theme park has several dry thrill rides, adventure rides, roller coasters, water slides, etc., where people had a lot of fun during Navratri.

● Wild Waters has different indoor-outdoor activities such as cricket, football, badminton, chess, carrom, table tennis, etc. that keep people occupied throughout the day.

● The Wild Waters Amusement & Water Park has an Aqua Park, an Amusement Park and an Adventure Park.

● The Aqua Park encompasses 21 unique wet rides under family and thrill rides.

● The Amusement Park has a thrilling collection of 22 different wet and dry rides to offer and includes family rides, kids' rides, and thrill rides.

● The Adventure Park of the Wild Waters has rides suitable for kids. It also has the ones that distributed some really huge doses of the adrenaline rush for all the participants of the Navratri celebrations. This zone has 17 rides, including rock climbing, bungee trampoline, rifle shooting, and others.

This was all about what Wild Waters has got to offer as a park but the main celebrations of Navratri are yet to be described.

The star of the Navratri celebrations at Wild Waters was the Garba and the Dandiya session that was organised for 9 nights in a row. All the participants danced their hearts out and grooved to their favourite Navratri songs and tunes.

Besides the Garba and the Dandiya nights, there were live performances by wonderful bands who created a beautiful ambience with their creations and melodies.

And how can the celebrations be complete without the first love of everyone—FOOD! The biggest Navratri celebrations in Hyderabad at Wild Waters had a huge spread of tasty food, and delicacies. Some of the lip-smacking treats are already being missed by the party people!

We recently wrapped up the celebrations and we just can’t get enough of the memories we’ve made during these sweet celebrations and colourful moments. To many more Navratri celebrations in future!



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