Tagada - The Disco Ride That Strengthens Team Bonding

Tagada is a ride on which the fun you can have is unlimited. For 2-3 minutes, you and your team will be tossed around like a salad, and your mission is simple - Stay on your feet! As the ride twists and turns, the more static you are, the more dizzy you get! You need to keep your feet moving and in balance with the ride to stay upright, and that’s where the challenge of it all is.

The Tagada disco ride is one of the best rides in an amusement park for those who are looking to strengthen the bonding of their team, and here are the key aspects. The Tagada disco ride is about riding with strangers with a sense of unity. The riders here need to exhibit the best team spirit that they can produce. For instance, in corporate teams, even though they may have been working together for years, the camaraderie, trust, and transparency they exhibit are qualities rarely seen.

Here Are Some Lessons That, In Our Opinion, Might Improve Team Cohesion


Riders always ride as a team and instantly come together because they share a common enthusiasm for the sport. It fosters their mutual trust and closeness as they gradually grow into the sport altogether. Passion is needed to create a strong team, which fosters a mindset where people want to learn.


It may sound a little odd, but everyone's job is to be a leader for himself and his fellow riders in the Tagada disco ride. For instance, each rider is accountable for the safety of the other riders in front of them. It is largely considered to be a fantastic strategy that should be adopted in business, where everyone is accountable for acting as a leader. It fosters a culture of accountability within the team and greatly increases teamwork.


Together, we travel. It’s not about winning any race here. Everyone who rides a Tagada Disco in India is aware of the risks involved in it. They are aware that the best way to ensure safety is to be together and mindful of one another. They understand the importance of being aware of their company while riding, and they are also aware of the risks while riding at an amusement park. On the rides in an amusement park, you must not freak out, and you have to keep your nerves in check.

They also should not have any doubts that their other companions on the ride would always watch out for them as well. That is exactly what happens. They quickly return to get the others. This aids in task distribution by producing the best results per person and identifies when assistance is required.

Openness and Discipline

Openness and discipline are the characteristics of the riders whom a team values enormously. Because this is one crucial quality for creating a free and open atmosphere in the workplace, resulting in bringing the best output out of the whole team. They strongly emphasize transparency since they know that it is a crucial component of enjoying the Tagada Disco ride safely. For instance, one should discuss with everyone freely without any hesitation, whether they are uncomfortable with the riding speed, or if they want to take a break from the ride for a while or not. Nobody should hesitate to ask for assistance of any kind from any of their teammates which is commonly found to be a point of weakness. People encounter difficulties at work but find it challenging to solicit assistance.


We riders know that maintaining riding discipline is necessary and cannot be ignored. In the Tagada disco ride, even a minor act of disobedience could cause significant issues for other passengers. Our riding regulations are never compromised. Because of how our job affects other people, discipline must always precede our workplace culture.



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Park Timings

Monday - Friday 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Saturday - Sunday/Public Holidays : 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Water Rides close by : 6:00 PM on all days

Child Height between 90 to 140 cm & Senior Citizen aged 60 and above.*
Note: After hours only Sat, Sun & Public Holidays

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