Top 3 Things to Do in Wild Waters Theme Park on a Monsoon Weekend

The monsoon is on its way, and Hyderabad’s residents are looking out for fun new ways to spend their weekends. Wild Water Theme park, one of the best amusement rides parks in Hyderabad, is the perfect place to enjoy the rain while escaping the hustle and bustle of the city. If you're seeking a weekend getaway or day trip from Hyderabad, your search ends here. The park mixes romance, action, thrill, humor, fantasy, and excitement for fun, family-friendly enjoyment.

Here are the top 3 things to do in a wild waters theme park on a monsoon weekend!

Top 3 Things To Do In Wild Waters Theme Park

● Best Amusement Park In Hyderabad With Pirates Cove

If you are looking for a perfect family entertainment water zone in this monsoon season, go no further than Pirates Cove. It had six slides for adults and 6 slides for children ranging in height from 21 feet to 6 feet, with different designs and lengths. Further, it's a kid-friendly pool, and 2 enormous buckets tip over a large amount of water every 4-5 minutes, soaking everyone to the sounds of spontaneous laughter and excitement. Also, exploring the Crazy River, Tornado, Voyage, Rain Disco, and Aqua Play will be worth your time!

● Numerous Thrilling Rides Make It The Best Amusement Park

The number of thrilling rides at Wild Water Theme Park makes it the top amusement rides park in Hyderabad. The most thrilling ride is the Pendulum.

Using a vertical arm hung 40 feet above the ground, the ultimate thrill ride Pendulum swings back and forth in a pendulum motion. This arm's base has a round gondola attached to it. As soon as the ride cycle begins, the gondola rotates counterclockwise and clockwise on a timer. And the pendulum arm starts swinging over an arc at a high rate of speed, with a maximum arc of 180° to 200°. As a result, the riders have the impression that they travel in space due to a sense of weightlessness.

As we know, there are multiple thrilling rides that you can try. It includes Sky Drop, 360, Mixer, Tsunami, Gyro Ride, Zip Line, etc.

● Kids Delight Rides

Wild Water Theme park is the best amusement park in Hyderabad as it offers multiple rides for the little ones.

The Rotary Bee is a fun children's ride that resembles a waved merry-go-round. Children ride in cabins shaped like bees and move vertically up and down while rotating in a circle. It's one of their favorite rides.

Another famous family ride called the Pirate Ship has an open-seated ship hanging from a pendulum swings back and forth. It swings at rapid speeds while giving passengers the impression that they are sailing on a choppy sea. This ride is fun, especially for kids. Along with this, Mini Disco Tagada is a kid-friendly thrill coaster. Here guests ride in a small, padded flying saucer that rotates rapidly, causing bumps, tilts, and jerks similar to those experienced on a speed boat in a choppy sea.

Now covering the last kid-friendly ride, Ocean Walk. It is themed around the mythical sea and features cabins decorated to resemble lovely mermaids, dolphins, tiny conchs, and other aquatic creatures. Kids will have a lot of fun because it feels like you are playing with them underwater. Other than Rotary Bee, Pirate Ship, and Ocean Walk, there are a couple of rides. It includes Jumbo Train, Mini Disco, Apache Ride, Flying Car, Frog Hopper, and Ferris Wheel.

After a day well spent in Wild Water Theme park, everyone will be craving some delicious food. There are numerous themed restaurants at this amusement park in Hyderabad. They serve local as well as global cuisines. If you are visiting this theme park, make sure you try out different restaurants and their delicacies. You can choose from Food Express, Island cafe, and Adventure Cafe. All these restaurants serve mouth-watering food in the wild water theme park.

With so much to do and see, Wild Waters is ready to provide you with a fantastic experience that will astound you and leave you wanting more. Thus, you must plan a visit to Wild Water Theme park!



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